"We must employ a diverse and inclusive workforce. In other words, it requires leveraging diverse thoughts, skills and talents

For this, embracing diversity and inclusion is key for our current and future business and will require ownership from top management. We believe so strongly in the importance and potential of diversity and inclusion we've anchored it in our strategy, Champion 2020."

Marco Meyrat
Member of the executive board

D&I is part of our Corporate Strategy

Diversity & Inclusion is firmly anchored in our Champion 2020 Corporate Strategy. We're determined to create a high-performing, motivated global team. 

We want to be a great employer by:

  • Offering outstanding, long-term career opportunities worldwide
  • Investing in our team members’ personal and professional development
  • Providing competitive rewards based on outstanding performance

The key to a high-performing global team is a diverse and inclusive workforce with equal opportunities.

"I believe that Hilti is a multi cultural company because there are people coming from all over the world, I can listen to people speaking in different languages which is great as we can share our background and experience"

Francesca - Shared Services Advisor - Northern Europe

Khadije - Engineering Manager

"I thought it would be nerve-wracking to join a company as a graduate. First job, fresh faced, don’t know a thing. But Hilti doesn’t make you feel that way at all. In fact, our managing director got all the graduates together and spent time really talking to us personally. I don’t think you’d find that in many companies, the management directors sitting down with the newbies like that.

It sounds mad but, at my graduate fair, the Hilti stand was full of happy faces! Everyone seemed so happy to be working for this company. So I went along and dug a little deeper. I used to be terrified about going on site, but now I absolutely love it. You get to speak to all different people and to see projects ‘live’ rather than just in drawings.

No day is the same and that's what I love. I'm extremely happy to work for such a caring and supporting company that provides me with an exceptional career development. If you want to bring out the best in yourself and create your own career path, with the full support of the company, then Hilti is the place for you!"

What we do

Discover what we do as a business to make Diversity & Inclusion part of our everyday lives.