Team Camps

More than 75 years ago, Martin Hilti understood how important it was for people to feel that they were creating something of significance and, were part of a successful team. The way he treated, guided and inspired people with his enthusiasm all influenced Hilti’s corporate culture. Maintaining it over the years calls for a strong corporate culture, based on core values and a mission.

Every year, we invest in our Team Camps. These are workshops for all team members world-wide, dealing just with our corporate culture. The Team Camps have three core elements: contribution to the company, team building and personal reflection. Embracing and giving feedback, inspiring each other, defining and implementing actions to enjoy our daily work together more. The most recent one, Team Camp Pit Stop Champion 2020 , had a strong focus on the topic of Inclusion.

Own It!

Own It! is our employee-led group, focused on diversity and inclusion. We simply provide the budget and a business sponsor. Then the team members decide which programs are needed to drive inclusion forward in their working location. From language lunches and meet & learn workshops to an open mentoring program, the Own It! group really allows us to meet the needs of our team members by giving them ownership of inclusion activities.

Joining the Own It! group encourages team members from different parts of the business to work together. It’s a great way for team members to develop new skills and learn from the experiences of others.

Dealing with unconscious Bias

We developed our ‘Beyond Bias’ workshops to deal with the topic of unconscious bias with our team leaders across the globe. By connecting these workshops to key assessment processes like people development or recruitment, we suppoert leaders to improve their self-reflection and become more aware of their own biases. This helps them to make more objective and better decisions.

The next phase in this learning journey is to explore the challenges and opportunities which come with leading mixed teams. We’re aiming to understand our people better and respond flexibly to their needs.

What we do

Discover what we do as a business to make Diversity & Inclusion part of our everyday lives.