DevOps Engineer

Selangor, Malaysia
Reference No: 18649

What's the role?

As the leading customer relationship company in our industry, we are seeking a highly motivated and extraordinary personality to support innovative and challenging projects in the area of sales and marketing. As an IT DevOps, you will create, improve and maintain the build and delivery pipelines across multiple projects.

Who is Hilti?

We provide leading-edge tools, technologies, software and services for the global construction sector. Hilti is a multicultural workplace with 55 different nationalities committed to global teamwork.

Global IT within Hilti is a truly global team with main hubs in Buchs (Switzerland), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Plano/Tulsa (USA). All locations have highly competent teams who work very closely together. Hilti`s Global IT team is known for their focus on sustainable value creation by translating latest IT innovations into value creating solutions & services.

What does the role involve?

You will be responsible for the creation, improvement and maintenance of the build and delivery pipelines, as well as the servers and agents involved in the process.
In order to enable a smooth and efficient delivery process, you will monitor and fine tune the CI/CD setup
Initiate, propose and implement new solutions and alternatives to be incorporated into the toolchain.
Design new automation processes and to push the existing ones to the next level, supporting multiple SCRUM teams along their journey towards the maximum efficiency.
As the person responsible for the delivery automation setup, you will support Quality Assurance to integrate testing tools into the processes and provide full transparency over the status of the systems and the content of the work packages.

PEOPLE - We develop our people by challenging them to leave their comfort zone, be it exploring other business areas, leading different teams or working in new locations

What do we offer?

Show us what you’re made of and we’ll offer you opportunities to move around the business – to work abroad, experience different job functions and tackle different markets. It’s a great way to find the right match for your ambitions and achieve the exciting career you’re after.

We have a very thorough people review process, unlike any we know of in any other business. We can pair talent with opportunities - developing our people in their current roles or challenging them to work in new ways or in new places. It’s how we find the right fit, further our teams personally and professionally, get the best value for each employee and increase the job satisfaction. Additionally, we offer you a wide range of benefits.

Why should you apply?

We have an excellent mix of people, challenging and developing you every single day! Success at Hilti is down to teamwork and ability, no matter what your background is.

What you need is:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or PhD in Information Technology, Computer Science or other relevant education
  • A strong personality and focus to achieve results
  • Experience in SCRUM methodology
  • Ability to understand complex architectures and integrations.
  • Knowledge of Linux (RHEL) and Windows server administration
  • Sound knowledge of containers and orchestration software (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Proficiency in scripting languages (e.g. bash, Python, JavaScript)
  • Good knowledge of source versioning systems and branching strategies (GIT, Feature Branch, Gitflow)
  • Experience with Atlassian products (Bamboo, JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence) is a plus
  • Proficiency with DX tools and metadata API is a plus
  • Good command of English is a must

Come join us!

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