Creating Awareness

As we continue to grow as a high performing global team, everybody at Hilti needs to understand what Diversity & Inclusion really is. We all need to be aware of our perceptions and behaviour and their impact on others.

To make this happen, we created a series of workshops and integrated Diversity & Inclusion into our existing training programs.


This really helps people to understand and engage with Diversity & Inclusion. To let us keep tabs on progress, we've added "Engagement and Inclusion" in our yearly employee survey.

Embedding D&I in our People processes

Our competency model is­­­ a global framework for selecting, developing and coaching our employees using consistent, business-related behavioral dimensions to improve performance. We’ve taken a deep look at it to ensure there are no built-in biases which may not support our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion. We’ve also added the dimension "working inclusively with others" to consider this important competency in all our assessments.  


Other people processes have also been revised to ensure that we are more inclusive and open to diversity. For instance, we embedded a Beyond Bias workshop into our leadership learning program. Team leaders learn there how to apply tools that help them to make more objective, better decisions.